Mtn Grove VFW Presents New POW/MIA Flag to Skyline School.

    The Mtn Grove VFW learned that Skyline School needed a new POW/MIA Flag.  A motion was made, seconded and passed at the April 8 meeting of the Mtn Grove VFW knowing that Skyline School, through the dedication of teacher Terry Prock, flew the POW/MIA Flag on a daily basis along with the US & Mo State Flags and all three are raised daily before school begins.  Different deserving students are given the privilege each day of raising the flags.  The flags are lowered each day when school is dismissed.
    Wednesday, April 19,  Mtn Grove VFW representatives were present at 8:00 a.m. to present the new flag and to take part in the daily ceremony.  Teacher Prock had noted that the students needed information about the significance of the POW/MIA flag and worked with the Mtn Grove VFW to prepare a booklet titled, ‘Etiquette for the POW/MIA Flag’.  After the final editing was done the Mtn Grove VFW printed the booklets and distributed them to the students gathered around the flagpole for the ceremony.
    The photos in the slideshow below were provided courtesy of Auxiliary member Glinda Kelley.

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