Mtn Grove VFW Participates in Veterans Day Activities at Skyline School

    The Mtn Grove VFW and Ladies Auxiliary was requested to be at two different school’s Veterans Day activities on the afternoon of November 11, 2013.  This is the story of those who traveled the distance to Skyline Elementary School that is eleven miles south of Norwood, Mo.

    The event began with presenting the Patriot’s Pen Awards to the winning students.  Skyline had 28 entries this year.  Post 3770 pays on the top four.

Quartermaster Kelley presents 4th place Patriot’s Pen award to student Newt A Souder.

Student Emma Evans receives the 3rd place Patriot’s Pen award from QM Kelley.

 Student Kyra Curtis is shown accepting the 2nd place Patriot’s Pen award from QM Kelley

1st place Patriot’s Pen award was presented to student William Crawford by Quartermaster Kelley.

    Following the presentations of awards the 1st place essay was presented to the student body assembly and guests in oral form.  Student Crawford gave a fine performance and is predicted to do well when he starts competing in the Voice of Democracy next year.

    Next on the list of events was flag folding and a flag retirement ceremony.  The older students folded the flags and the flags were received one at a time by members of the Mtn Grove VFW to be placed on the fire.  The video/slideshow below depicts the proceedings.


    This is a video – be sure to click on the arrow in the center and watch.

    The final part of a flag retirement ceremony is burying the ashes and grommets  that remain.  Skyline School has a nature trail on part of its property.  Tuesday, November 12, saw VFW member and teacher Terry Prock assist the students in properly burying the remains.

    The group of students that buried the remains.  Comrade Prock is on the left.

    The students and faculty made this memorial for the site of the remains.  It sits alongside their nature trail and gives a finality to the ceremony.

    Mtn Grove VFW had four members participate – Comrade Ed Hawley, Comrade Terry Kennedy, Comrade Terry Prock and Comrade Iris Joe Kelley.  Ladies Auxiliary 3770 had two members participate – Sister Phyllis Kennedy and Sister Glinda Kelley.  One Junior Girl, Olivia Prock, attends school at Skyline and gave us a warm welcome .


    Photos were provided courtesy of Jeanne Curtis, Phyllis Kennedy and Iris Joe Kelley.


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