Fallen Firefighters Day Observed and More

The Mtn Grove VFW had not observed “Fallen Firefighters Day” in the past because of not knowing about it.  It was very recently brought to the post’s attention and it was quickly decided that it must be observed.  October 14, 2017 was the designated day and that was also the day of the post’s monthly meeting  Because of the conflict it was decided to observe the day with a “Colors Ceremony” at the post home at 9:00 a.m. and then feed breakfast to the firefighters that attended.  Many of the post members were not aware of the addition and did not arrive on time to participate.  Three (3) of the Mtn Grove Firefighters joined us and then enjoyed breakfast with the members present.

Photo was taken following the brief “Colors Ceremony”. Post members (3) on left, visiting Post 5993 CDR (center), Mtn Grove Firefighters (3) on right.

The Firefighters were on call and thus arrived in this vehicle.

Immediately following the ceremony the firefighters were invited in and shared a hearty breakfast of biscuits and gravy prepared by Past Post CDR Archie Daily and his wife Chris of Auxiliary 3770.

The monthly meeting of the Mtn Grove VFW began promptly at 10:00 a.m. 

One of the items of business was the resignation of Chaplain James A. Smith.  Smith had served several terms as Chaplain but due to failing health felt he had to step down.  Smith also served a term as Post Commander several years ago.

An election was held and past post Adjutant Darrell Kochis was easily elected to become the new Chaplain for Post 3770.

Changes to the National By-Laws were discussed.  The VFW is no longer governed by “Demeters Blue Book of Parliamentary Procedure” but is now governed by “Roberts Rules of Order”.  The main change that was found to possibly affect the post was the option to not use the Traditional Order of Business but to be able to use the Contemporary Order of Business.  The main difference being that the prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance were not used in the latter. A motion was made and seconded and then voted on to continue to use the Traditional Order of Business. The motion easily passed and the post will continue with prayers and pledge.

The Mtn Grove VFW is still conducting the raffle for the UTV pictured below but a motion was made, seconded and passed to end the raffle whether all the tickets were distributed or not.  The drawing will be conducted live on the Mtn Grove Radio Station KELE  92.5 fm at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, December 15. To get your tickets please contact CDR Allan Seville, Sr-Vice CDR John Dodds or Quartermaster Iris Joe Kelley.

Post 3770 was inspected during this meeting and as always all books and records were in proper order. National VFW directs that all VFW Posts across the organization (6500 more or less) be inspected on an annual basis to ensure that all is going well within each post.  Posts found with issues are guided to get within compliance with state/national laws and VFW by-laws.

The Mtn Grove VFW was inspected by Scott Huffman (left) who is currently serving as Sr-Vice CDR of District 18 of the Mo VFW while also serving as Post 5993 (Ava) Commander.  District 18 CDR Olewinski was prevented from doing the inspection because he is a member of Post 3770. Pictured on the right is current Post 3770 Commander Allan Seville.

The next meeting of the Mtn Grove VFW will be November 11, 2017.  Because it will fall on Veterans Day the posts annual Colors Ceremony will be held at the post home instead of the public square.  The Veterans Day Ceremony will be held at 9:00 a.m.  Breakfast to follow.


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