Skyline School’s Veterans Day Observance

Post 3770 visits Skyline School each year and presents the Patriots Pen Awards during the school’s veterans day program.  The school works very well with the students and the members of the Mtn Grove VFW. 

Terry Prock is a teacher at Skyline School and also a member of Post 3770.  He takes the initiative to instill a sense of pride in America in the students. He is shown here opening the program.

Comrade Prock is shown here introducing Comrade Kelley who will announce the winners of this years Patriots Pen Essay writing contest.

(left to right)  Comrade Kelley; Heidi Strong, 3rd place; Brooke Johnson, 2nd place; Dustin Johnson, 1st place; & Comrade Prock

First Place Patriots Pen winner Dustin Johnson presents his winning essay to the assembled students and guests.

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