Living Vietnam Memorial Continued to Conclusion

    On September 18, 2015 a Living Memorial was planted on the public square of Mtn Grove, Mo and dedicated to the veterans of the War in Vietnam.  A stone was recently ordered and set.

    Mtn Grove city employee Tim Sparks is seen here beginning to prepare the ground where the stone is to be set.  He was assisted by Jeff Mitchell, also a city employee, and overseen by Comrades Georg Andersen and Pete Proctor.

The stone has been set.

Georg Andersen (left) and Pete Proctor pose with the completion of the task.

The Memorial Stone commemorating the tree honoring the Vietnam War Veterans. 



One thought on “Living Vietnam Memorial Continued to Conclusion

  1. Teri Hodge Thompson says:

    My Husband is a Vietnam Vet. We would like to Thank every Vietnam Vet for their service. A very beautiful ceremony….Long Live The TREE !!

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