Hillcrest Cemetery – May 25th, 2012

    It was a fine group of volunteers that were present to place flags on veterans graves for Memorial Day. The day was hot and the ground was hard. The Mtn Grove VFW Post 3770 members were joined by members of their Ladies Auxiliary and Junior Girls Unit and the Mtn Grove High School JROTC and the Mtn Grove Boy Scouts Troop 50 and other volunteers. The 28 volunteers made quick work of the project.  The Mtn Grove VFW wishes to extend many thanks to the volunteers for their dedication to helping in this project.

    If you dig into the photos you can get deep enough  to find names for the volunteers.

One thought on “Hillcrest Cemetery – May 25th, 2012

  1. The old man that used to run Hillcrest, Orville or Ottis i think his name was, ruined my life. I was hired to replace him and he fired me when he caught wind of it. He fired me right when the recession hit and I wound up homeless and chronically depressed because of it for 10 years. I haven’t been able to work since. And the board of directors did nothing to prevent it. I received nothing but teary eyed compliments from visitors the whole time i was there. Made the place look better than it had in a decade. I worked 7 days a week from sun up to sun down. And I’m a 6 year army veteran.

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