Flagpole for Norwood School Softball Field

    The Mountain Grove VFW has just finished installing a flagpole at Norwood Schools.  The post had received a verbal request for a flagpole and the post was considering how to begin when a flagpole that had been donated to Mountain Grove Schools in 1983 by the Post was being brought down and headed to the recycler because two new flagpoles were part of their new Events Center project.  The post requested that they get the flagpole back.  Mtn Grove Schools agreed to that and the process was begun.  Se-Ma-No Electric Co-op agreed to transport the flagpole to Norwood Schools.  The video below tells the tale of the move and process of refurbishing the flagpole before it was installed. 
The parts of the video are =

1.  Se-Ma-No transporting the pole .
2. VFW member Kenneth Sullivan doing some grinding on the pole before painting. 
3.  Ladies Auxiliary member Mitzi Campbell painting the pole for the second time. 
4. Norwood City employees digging the hole for the concrete.
5.  The forms set and steel installed into the hole along with the bolts.
6.  Lonnie Mayfield of Mayfield Construction assisted with setting forms,  pouring and finishing the concrete.
7. Finished base before the pole is installed.
8. Se-Ma-No employees and VFW members erect the flagpole onto the base.
9.  VFW members place the nuts on the bolts to secure the pole.
10. Se-Ma-No touches up the paint where it got marred from handling.
11. Jr-Vice Jay Beal paints the bolts after tightening.
12. The flagpole is complete and standing free – ready for flags..

Many thank yous are extended to all those that assisted with this project.  Special thanks are sent to Se-Ma-No Electric Co-op for the use of their trucks and manpower.  Thanks are sent to Mountain Grove MFA for a break on prices for the line and hardware.  Thanks are sent to Peterson Gravel and Ready Mix for their great donation in lowering the cost of the three yards of concrete.  Thanks are sent to Lonnie Mayfield of Mayfield Construction for his expertise in forming and finishing the concrete.

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