Flag Retirement Ceremony at Skyline School

Teacher Terry Prock wanted the Skyline summer school students to learn and experience a proper respectful  flag retirement ceremony.  He enlisted the aid of the Mtn Grove VFW for this endeavor.  Teacher Prock works year round to teach the students of Skyline School the many facets of how the flag must be respected.   Teacher Prock began by addressing the gathering of students about the flag and why it is essential to properly retire a flag.  He then selected several of the  older students to learn how to properly fold the flag and take part in the process.   Each student would then in turn properly pass the flag to a VFW member who would place the flag on the fire. Approximately 150 flags were properly retired.

.The slideshow below shows the start to finish in a series of photos taken by Auxiliary member Glinda Kelley.

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